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Inside the Pretio Mortis mines, the tunnel was very small, causing claustrophobia to set in for most that dared to enter. The mining crew here were all excessively talented at their job. They knew exactly where to swing their pickaxe to bring down the most rubble without causing a catastrophe.

Since the mines had been worked on for several thousands of years, about two miles down the entrance path a wide open cavern opened up that was estimated to be approximately three and a half miles wide by seven miles long. The cavern was large enough that it had its own climate and clouds at the ceiling. There were a few different openings in the ceiling, nearly a quarter mile in diameter, which helped case light into the cavern so that the miners didn't have to use lamps during the day.

The walls glittered and gleamed with intensity, indicating that almost every rockface was adorned with the desired stone. Visitors were not welcome here due to it's high potential for profit. In order for someone to enter this large cave, they either had to be a member of the Miner's Association, or they had to be impeccably good at sneaking around without being caught.
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