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Post by Dred (Admin) on Fri May 20, 2016 10:38 am


  1. You must be 18+ to join. Some content will be unsuitable for minors

  2. All posts must be 250 words in length. This means all posts must be at least a medium length paragraph.

  3. You must number each of your posts chronologically. This means if you post 1-5 in thread A and move to thread Brittany, your posts will start with number 6 in thread Brittany. You only number your posts according to your own previous posts, not everyone elses.

  4. Please make all posts 16 font. We ain't tryina be blind here.

  5. There will be no OOC outside of the OOC forum and the Character Sheet forum. This means no parenthesis or bracket indications of OOC speech.

  6. Please do not godmod. If somebody mistakenly godmods, please notify a moderator and we will take action accordingly.

  7. Keep sexual content to a minimum please. Flirting and innuendo is okay, but straight up sexual roleplaying should be taken to private messaging. Respect that no one else wants to read your smut.

  8. Only post in one thread at a time. If you want to post in a new thread, please roleplay yourself out of the current thread before entering the new one. This goes for when you leave to privately roleplay too, as to avoid confusion and keep up with accurate storylines.

  9. If a thread is not open yet, or no topics have been posted in that thread, there is a reason. More topics and threads will come open as the administrator has time to make them and as the storyline progresses.

  10. When you decide to roleplay a NPC, please recolor the NPC's dialogue and actions any different color to help differentiate them from your character.

  11. Do not address another mun (Roleplayer) out of character unless in the OOC thread.

  12. Leave your personal beef out of the roleplay. If you have an issue with another player, please leave it outside of this website.

  13. Racist and discriminatory comments WILL be allowed in the roleplay, as long as they do not cause issues. This does not apply to the OOC thread.

  14. Racist and Discriminatory comments in the OOC thread WILL RESULT IN AN IMMEDIATE BAN!!!!!

  15. Be respectful to your fellow roleplayers.

  16. Any and all races are welcome in this roleplay, though some may be discriminated against in the story line. It is highly advised that you think out your choices though. For example, if you choose to be a merpeople, how will you be able to get around outside of the water? You may be able to come up with some way for it to happen, but the idea needs to be plausible. Just some friendly advice.

  17. All players will be given a week maximum to respond in a thread, and all players are expected to be patient with their fellow roleplayers. We are all adults, we all have jobs that consume our lives. Please be respectful and understanding.

  18. Above all, HAVE FUN!!!

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