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(Will remove this pic once I've drawn my own.)

Race:                                         Faerie
Height:                                       5'9
Age:                                           Unknown - Appears to be a young adult
Skin Color:                                  Tan, Bronzed
Eye Color:                                   Violet
Alignment:                                  Chaotic Neutral
Weapon of Choice:                       Dagger & Magic

Family Tree:    Mother                    Melva Sergius
                      Father                     Farouk Sergius
                      Brother (Half)          Namaarie

Magic Abilities

  • Calm        - Ability to tame lesser creatures.
  • Illuminate - Ability to cast a highly luminescent light in the darkness.
  • Paralyze   - Ability to paralyze lesser creatures and slow down mid level creatures.


  • Speech & Persuasion - Draegyn is overtly persuasive with his charismatic demeanor, and often knows the right vocabulary to use in order to twist a situation to his favor.
  • Bartering                  - He uses his intellect and skilled body language to barter himself into better deals and prices amongst merchants.
  • Seduction                 - When looking directly into Draegyn's luminescent violet eyes, most beings will experience a trance-like state in which he can manipulate them to perform his desires and his bidding.
  • Historical Knowledge  - Due to his educated upbringing, Draegyn has learned just about all there is to know about the planet of Exitium. Though he has visited few cities, and knows little about firsthand experience in dealing with locals of the city in question, he knows much about the history behind every land in Exitium.


Draegyn Sergius was born and raised under the hand of King Emyr. He was never quite denied anything he wanted, and as such, had the entire city of Uaithne wrapped around his finger at a very young age. His parents were very neglectful of him growing up, so their servants took care of him and raised him as their own.

Uaithne was known as the Emerald City, mostly due to the fact that it's building were adorned in green stones and marble that created a radiant glow throughout the city streets. Draegyn's father, Farouk Sergius, was an advisor to this city's king. He had a very narcissistic outlook on the community, taking great pride in his people. Farouk was pretty temperamental, so his advice to the king often resulted in the destruction of the surrounding villages.

Melva Sergius, mother to Draegyn, was just as neglectful to her child as his father was. She was obsessed with the family name. She could care less about being involved with her family, but the status of their family was top priority. Despite these facts, Draegyn cared deeply for his family.

Draegyn had one brother that he knew of - a half brother by the name of Namaarie. It was unclear how exactly Namaarie came to be but many of the rumors stated that his own father had come to rape Namaarie's mother. Since then, Namaarie lived with them and was the victim of Draegyn's outlandish bullying for many of their young lives. Once they both came of age, Draegyn had stopped associating with his brother all together and pretty well pretended he didn't exist.

Draegyn was a pureblooded faerie, which meant that his powers were average and while he had magic abilities, they were minor and minutely useful. The wings attached to his back were molded with his skin, and ultimately useless. The perks that came with purebloods, however, meant having incredible intellect and charisma. 

Namaarie, his brother, was a half blood. The exact science behind the evolution of a half breed was unproven, but it was believed that their wings worked due to the fact that other species could provide a stronger bone structure. It was absolutely certain that they had working wings, and most had proven to have stronger magical abilities.

In the recent months, rumors had been spread around of a plot to overthrow the king, and in the process, kill Draegyn's own family. The exact source of these rumors was very obscure, and as such, there was no way of knowing who would strike or when. Quietly, Draegyn set out to find a place known as the Galvanized City in search of an unknown place that held the elixir of life. He would do everything in his power to keep his family alive.
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