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Post by Dred (Admin) on Sun May 22, 2016 9:02 am

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Bonechill Manor was quite a site to see when its inhabitants were still around. Since they had left, though, dust and decay have overridden the entire mansion. Untouched for several months now, the parlor in particular was possibly the least effected of the many rooms in the home. While dust had settled over every surface of the expansively extravagant room, all of the structural features seemed to still be in tact. It looked just as thought no living creature had set foot in the home since the Caine family left, which was likely an accurate idea.

Multiple large rugs lined the floorboards of the parlor and its surrounding rooms, with furniture that painted a picture of pure elegance. Edmund Caine clearly had high brow taste. 

The floorboards matched the stained and embroidered walls that were adorned with several portraits and trinkets. These features, however, highly contrasted the granite staircase that led to the second floor. Lively with golden trim, it was hard not to see that the staircase was a highly esteemed piece that Caine must have been exclusively proud of.

There was a door hidden in this overtly elegant room, though. That door was located behind an unused fireplace, which was simply opened by pressing a particular part in the molding around the fireplace. With one slow motion, the fireplace would unhinge and slide forward and to the left side, revealing a tattered old door, covered in cobwebs and cracks. 

This lovely little door was the entrance to the basement.
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