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The Basement Tumblr_n198hhF69O1stkknuo1_1280

The Basement Tumblr_n198hhF69O1stkknuo3_1280

A violet hue illuminated the cracks in the floorboards of the extravagant parlor. Directly underneath there was a well, and a stream of light flowed endlessly upward from the stone chasm, pulsing slightly as it vibrated. The exact use of this well was completely unknown, as Edmund Caine had never allowed anyone in the basement aside from his wife, Claire. 

The two of them clearly had some use for whatever was in the basement, but the locals never dared question what the Caines were up to. The Caine family had far too much leverage to ever be questioned, and because of this, their secret endeavors involving this well were never quite figured out. However, the locals, fearful to actually enter the abandoned mansion, had pretty well gathered that the sudden absence of the Caines, whatever was in the basement, and the recent news about the goings on in the mines on the other side of the Galvanized City had to somehow all be linked.

Beneath the ebony floorboards of the Bonechill Manor parlor, there was not only an arcane well that illuminated a mystical violet light, there also appeared to be a table in the corner with a strange symbol and multiple macabre objects surrounding it, such as a rat's skull, the unnaturally preserved foot of a rabbit, a monkey's paw, mummified, and a tarnished silver ring with an unknown black gem in it's setting.

In the center of this strange symbol, there was a globe, filled with a hazy black smog. Somehow, even though the basement had not been seen in several months, the smog was active and moved with verve, almost in a calculated manner.

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