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Post by Dred (Admin) on Sat May 21, 2016 9:33 am

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Pestilence filled the air in the absence of vitality. This beautiful ground that used to entrance guests now wasted away with neglect. One could simply stare at this place and never know how recently it had been inhabited.

The stone braziers that once lit the walk path leading from the back entrance were now cracked and fragmented, unlit coals now lying uselessly in their cradles. The cobblestone path around the back yard was fractured and incomplete. Pieces were missing now, their whereabouts unknown.

Since the Caine family and its servants had abandoned the prestigious estate, an eerie fog blanketed the entire outside area. This included the once-extraordinary gardens in the back yard. Filled with now dead plants, the garden currently had an overwhelming scent of mildew and decay; all signs of life had long been gone from this place. As such, no animals felt the need to investigate what wasn't there.

Inside the greenhouses, where plants had only just recently stood proud, there was only rot. Terracotta and ceramic pots were filled with soil and lined the lengthy walls of both huts, but no sign of any living plants seemed to exist. There were dozens, and yet, not one of them contained even a seedling. However, all this area needed was the helping hand of a green thumb, and perhaps the estate would be brought back to life with vigor, making it quite the successful and pleasing sale.
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