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Arihant The Kind Rogue_10

Race:                                         Human
Height:                                       5'7
Age:                                           26
Skin Color:                                  Tan
Eye Color:                                   Deep Blue
Alignment:                                  Chaotic Evil
Weapon of Choice:                       Dual Daggers

Family Tree:    Mother                    Caras the Melevolent
                     Father                     Unknown

Magic Abilities

Cloak- Can become translucent at will, but not entirely invisible. Works best in the dark.

Poison- Use a magical untraceable poison to kill low level characters when ingested. If applied to weapons it causes fatigue

Smoke Bomb- Uses a magical choking smoke bomb to confuse enemies without affecting him. For escapes or taking on multiple combatants.

Pickpocket- Can Steal small amounts of money from most characters without them noticing.  


Speech & Persuasion - Can Lie and threaten is way out of almost any situation. Is an expert at manipulation, and getting people to do the things he can't.

Thief- He steals things. Often. He is good at it.

Sneaking- Without any magical assistance he is very hard to find, he walks silently, and can run silently if focusing. If he is trying to hide, he can do so in plain sight, by blending into his surroundings.

Lockpicking- Arihant can pick almost any lock

Street Smart- Can sell anything anywhere, to almost anyone. He also has a deep knowledge of the underground, and always keeps an ear out for secrets. If someone is looking for something. He knows who is looking, and why.


Arihant was born on the streets of the Galvinized City. His mother, Caras, was a gypsy woman who sold her body to anyone who would pay, often in front of or within ear shot of Arihant himself. He despised the Old whore, and began his career in crime by stealing from the clothes of her mothers Customers. He was very practiced at getting in and out of the wherever they were without being noticed.

When Customers began to complain, Caras discovered what had been happening very quickly. She picked Ari up, and took a razor to the bottom of his feet. She cut deep, all the way to the bone.

"That will teach you, wretch. Try to sneak without squeaking now you stupid little animal."

She left him to bleed.

Ari wrapped up his feet in a towel one of the men had thrown aside after he had finished with his mother, and tried walking. His feet burned as the wound reopened with every attempt to walk. He thought he might starve to death, as his mother left his meals above his 6 year old reach. The men who visited mocked him and often ate the food in front of him, dropping only crumbs to sustain him.

A week after his mother mutilated him, He had learned to walk on his toes, and stand on his heels. He moved very slowly, and to his surprise, quietly. Though he wounds reopened often, and never seemed to heal, he became accustomed to the pain.

a year later, Ari had stopped stealing from his mothers guests, and began to think bigger. He taught himself to pick locks, and would enter shops, after hours. He also began stealing from those met on the street, using his small hands and size his advantage. Ari quickly recruited younger kids, and taught them his skills. For a 90 percent cut of whatever they stole, of course.

At 12, Ari had a reputation with the underworld Of the Galvinized City. He was often hired to break into Merchant's quarters to steal protection money, or place threats unnoticed. The Galvinized City guard even began using Ari to collect unpaid taxes, in exchange for being able to take whatever he could carry out with him. With all of this extra money, he began investing in merchants around the city. He quickly became quite the business man, and very wealthy, though he never let it show. He made sure he never paid for anything in the public eye.

at 16, Caras's belly began to swell with child, Though she hardly seemed to notice. Also around this time, Ari had been hearing rumors that his partners were calling him weak. He had never been opposed to violence, but rather decided it was bad for business, and preferred to sneak. It wasn't until he came upon his mother servicing one of his partners, did he decide to listen in.

"Oh you are such a man" His mother moaned "Big strong hands, we will make him pay for his arrogance, wont we baby?" Her swollen belly mocked him as it rose and fell in time with his partner's thrusts.

"He isn't going to know what fucking hit him." The betrayer grunted with shallow breaths.

Ari had heard enough, and walked away, planning.

A few days later Ari, woke to one of his informants pounding at his door. It had worked, and now he would solidify his control over this city. he opened the door to see a small boy out of breath.

"Sir, something...You've been betrayed...The guards.."

"Speak clearly boy, or Ill cuff your ear."

"The guards have arrested your closest partners and your mother. They are on their way to collect you as well, sir"

Ari smiled, knowingly.

"let them come"

Just as he spoke 2 guards appeared behind the young boy and took Ari in chains. The men walked him to the large execution stage at the center of town, and pulled him up behind his fellow thieves, and whore mother, who were knelt, 4 and 1, in front of him. The Guard Captain stood beside Ari,his second and command held his chains. The other guards exited the square. The Captain spoke as a very large crowd was gathering.

"To all those who think this city a haven for the wretched, a beacon of crime, or some seedy gutter to fill with your waste. Think again. Here I have collected..." before as he spoke, Ari nodded to the second in command, who quickly unlatched his chains, and put a dagger in his hand, as Ari bashed him with the hilt to knock him out.

He played his part well.

The Captain, who was still speaking, hadn't noticed the the exchange until it was too late. Ari brought the dagger to his throat, and opened his throat in front of the entire crowd. He fell to the ground, drowning in his own blood, it was Ari's turn to speak:

"You all know me. I am Arihant, and I am kind. Too kind it seems, as my 4 most faithful companions, don't seem to respect what I have done for them." he slid the dagger across the jugular of the first kneeling man and strode to the next.

"Too kind, it seems, that I would forgive anyone who skims money off the top, keeping a little extra for himself." He drove the dagger through the back of the second man's neck, so the pointed end stuck through his gaping mouth.

"Too kind, it seems, that I would forgive any side jobs, that hurt my over all business." Ari flipped the blade in his hand and stuck it into the right eye of the third partner. The crowd was dead silent. he came up behind the man he'd seen with his mother, and grabbed him by the hair.

"Too kind, it seems, that I would let my most trusted ally impregnate my whore mother." He pulled the man backwards so he fell to his back, and Ari brought the blade down on him. and again. and again. and again. Until his arms were numb, and his face was slick with blood. He didn't actually know or even think this man had impregnated his mother, in all likeliness the real father was out in the crowd before him. But a little theater never hurt anyone.

He came up behind his mother.

"So kind, it seems, that mine own whore mother would seek to betray her eldest son. Who's own whore mother would conspire with my friends to take away everything I worked for. To destroy and steal everything I have built." And he smiled. "But I am kind, it seems, and I would spare your child, my own flesh and blood, any suffering." His mother sobbed, and her fleshy belly rose and fell in time with her cries, as it did the night he found her with the dead man beside him. He grabbed the chain that bound her hands and pulled the woman to her feet. He kissed her cheek and looked out at the crowd.

"Do you see how kind I am?"

With one motion he dug the dagger deep into the base of her belly, and pulled it upwards in a slant, spilling her guts and all of their contents onto the stage before her.

This he whispered into his mothers ear, so only she could hear "See how kind I am, that I would spare that bastard baby from living life with a mother like you?" The woman looked into Ari's eyes, filled with fear.

Ari let the woman fall back to her knees, she was still alive. She looked down at the gore that lay before her, and could not scream, She just stared. Ari drove the dagger into the top of the woman's head, gave a chuckle, and bowed. He exited stage left.

Ari never was called weak again.


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