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Jericho the "Iron Bull" Empty Jericho the "Iron Bull"

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Jericho the "Iron Bull" Jerich10

J e r i c h o   B e a s t b o r n e


Race                                Orc
Skin Color                        Green | Grey
Eye Color                         Hazel | Golden
Height                             6 ft   4 in
Age                                 46 Years Old
Alignment                        Neutral Good
Occupation                      Bounty Hunter | Strongarm

                    Special Attacks
Lockdown            - Jericho has the ability to tackle mid to adept level creatures to the ground and lock their head in his arms as long as they are a solid, physical being. This can be used for an extended period of time to incapacitate the enemy.

Groundbreaker    - Though this move uses an excessive amount of stamina, he can punch the ground and channel its shockwave movement to knock an enemy off of his or her feet.

                    Skills and Abilities

Hunting | Gathering | Trail Tracking | Stealth


Jericho grew up in the small Orcish Warren Village with his widowed mother, Emese Beastborne. When he was very young, Jericho's father, Eyal Beastborne, was killed in a brutal battle with the goblin villages in far off lands. Knowing how it felt to grow without a father figure, Jericho promised himself that he would only ever cast death upon others as a last resort.
He was always very strong, even as a child. Any time fellow villagers needed help, Jericho was happy to lend his abnormally large arms to help with any task they had. He helped build on to neighbors' huts, harvest crops, bail hay, any type of farm work you could imagine.

The Orcs had a fighting circle that most of the village participated in. Within no time, Jericho was known as the "Iron bull" amongst his fellow villagers. This was all in good sport, and he earned the respect of all of his piers.

When he came of age, Jericho approached the chief of his village with a request to venture out into the world as a loner, collecting bounties to bring in to prison camps in an effort to clean up the civilizations of Exitium. His main goal in all of this was to keep others from losing unnecessary family members, and he was very aware that most bounty hunters were more concerned with the profit than the "dead or alive" part.

With the chief's understanding blessing, Jericho set out into the world to start cleaning the world up. Within months of starting his career, he realized that being a bounty hunter was a very non-profitable job, and he found out the hard way that it was impossible to live on this job alone the way that he was performing it. When he came to this conclusion, he offered himself as a strongarm to those who needed assistance.

Whenever someone needed another person to be threatened, it was fairly easy for Jericho to puff out his chest and become very intimidating. After all, he was incredibly tall and brawny, even for an Orc.

Soon he found his way into the bigger cities, where bounties picked up somewhat and at even higher prices than in the small villages he had been visiting previously. He was out of bounties, however, and soon found himself in a new city known as "The Galvanized City".

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