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Post by Jaximus on Wed Jun 01, 2016 7:51 am

Jaximus (No last Name)

Race: Human/Giant
Height: 7.5 Feet
Skin Color: Pale white
Eye Color: Cloudy gray
Hair Color: Red
Alignment: Neutral Good

Magic Abilities

Shield projection - Using the runes etched in his skin, Jax can project a wall of ethereal energy, resembling ice, at any time using his own will. While this shield is nearly indestructible when attacked directly, it takes all of his focus, and leaves him weak behind it.

Healing: Can heal all characters
Levels of healing:
Heal all wounds
Cure disease/ systematic ailment
Resurrect recently deceased (before they cross over)

Basic Abilities

Incredible strength
Master with shield
Adept in heavy armor use
Highly resistant to cold and ice magic
Giants Will: immune to mind control and illusion of magical origin

Jax's Shield:

The great white oak shield Jax carries on his back is a soul bound item. Only he can lift the shield.
It stand 7x4 feet and 6 inches thick. It's strength is based on the current strength of Jax's willpower. As Jax gets weaker, so does the shield. Anything that takes a physical or mental toll of Jax weakens the shield.


Jaximus was born far to north, where winter is eternal and the cold is just another challenge.
Being half human, and half giant, he was never quite as physically able as the other giants, so he
Focused on the study of healing magic and defensive fighting. He quickly became adept with a shield, and learned to move efficiently in even the heaviest of armor, as Giants armor was all that was avaliable to him. At the age of 16, he went into the wilderness and cut down a very large, old oak tree, and carved a giant shield from its bark. Standing as tall as he was, and half as thick, it was indestructible. Little did Jax know the tree houses ancient spirits that giants worshiped, and they would curse him for destroying their beloved home. When he strapped the giant thing to his arm, the buckles tightened around his arm. As Jax struggled to free himself, giant flowing runes etched into his skin, searing themselves into his very psyche. Each spirit that dwelled in the tree projected it's pain into his mind, and tortured his soul. Jaximus lost consciousness.

When he awoke, a great snow bear stood before him. It's eyes lit with very flames of hell. It spoke to him. It told him that this great shield was now bound to his soul. It's strength was drawn from his very will. If he were to fault, so would the shield. Should that shield be pierced, his souls would return to the tree he cut down, and be forced it guard the sacred grounds forever.

Jaximus took the shield on his back, examined the runes on his arm, and started back towards his village. When he arrived he immediately went to his elder and mentor, Jaccken, to see how he could lift this curse. Jaccken, scowled, and told him he needed to leave the village. He had put his family and friends in danger. If he was to lift this curse, Jax would need to explore the world, and learn all he could about the old gods that runed his arm.

Leaving all his belongings, friends, and loved ones, he started off Towards the Galvinized City....


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