Omnia the Maker, Father of Dryads

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Omnia the Maker, Father of Dryads Empty Omnia the Maker, Father of Dryads

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Omnia the Maker, Father of Dryads

Omnia the Maker, Father of Dryads Omniat10
Omnia in his preferred physical form

Excerpts from Omnia’s teachings
         "In the Beginning when the world was fresh and young, Omnia the Maker arrived upon Exitium and tread its surface. Few beings lived here, and he saw fit to aid the new world in making intelligent beings.
         Many eons he walked over mountains, through oceans and canyons, learning from the planet and seeing what it had to offer.          
         Finally, after seeing every dip and crevice of our blessed home, he decided upon a medium for his creation.
         Upon seeing the abundance and magnificence of the trees, he declared them his children, and taking one in his great fists, twisted the branches into that of a beautiful woman and named her Primus, the only Hamadryad to be named at birth.
         With the assistance of Primus, Omnia the Maker made scores of Hamadryads and Dryads and set them out across Exitium to aid the world in creating other beings and multiplying the bounty that it had to offer.
         When they set forth, he gave them these set of orders:

1. No Dryad may kill another living being.
2. No Dryad may take from another living being to the point of death, be it flora or fauna.
3. Take time under each sun to meditate and appreciate the life with which you and Exitium have been blessed with under Omnia.
4. Never harm a tree occupied by a Dryad, especially that of a Hamadryad.
5. Never take from a Dryad or Hamadryad’s tree without blessing and permission.
6. Only eat the food of Exitium when no other option is available.
7. Multiply and grow forth life on the planet until Exitium flourishes.
8. Protect and defend yourself and other Dryads as Omnia would protect you, as your body is a vessel of Omnia and demands respect.
9. Never use one’s natural abilities over the forces of life to drain the life force of another, lest ye be tainted and cast out of the paradise provided by Omnia.
10. Do good by Omnia.

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