Sunil, the City of Sapphires

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Sunil, the City of Sapphires Empty Sunil, the City of Sapphires

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Under Lalita Lake lie a giant city unknown to many inhabitants of Exitium. Those who did know about this alluring city spoke alternately of it as the "City of Sapphires". This was largely due to the deposit of blue gems that could be found at the bottom of an abyss that was parallel to the city, but another reason many called it that was due to the fact that the water encompassing the city was abnormally vibrant in its blue hue.

This incredibly beautiful city was called Sunil. As incredibly lovely as the city appeared to be, its inhabitants were even more welcoming. One needn't worry about offending the natives when passing through, as they all seemed to welcome foreigners with absolute enthusiasm.

Sunil was build far different from the rest of the cities on Exitium. The buildings were very linear and straight, with portholes lining their sides for filtration and anchorage. These buildings had no doors, save for the main hall, which simply had a gate on its entrance and portholes that could be locked. This main hall was home to Queen Adil, who ruled a just and loving reign over her people.

The people of Sunil, made up of water nymphs, undine, and merpeople, were primarily a wide variety of blue gelatinous type beings, save for the merpeople, who were instead humanoid creatures with fishtails for their lower halves. The few different types of creatures that lived down here lived in harmony, without much argument amongst them. 

The abyss located near Sunil, known as Bhima's Crevice, was purely off limits. Somehow, venturing near this crater was the only action that would provoke the natives of Sunil into becoming hostile beings. The rumors said that in the crater below, a large deposit of blue-hued gems were available, but no one had ever made it down there and out alive to retell their experiences.
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