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Post by Cateyeniki on Sat May 28, 2016 5:44 am

Nerisella the Cursed The_pi12


Name: Nerisella Shortankard
Race: Undine
Height: 5'4"
Skin Color: Indigo
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Dark Blue with a Purple tint
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 300
Appearance: Dresses in nice human clothing, hats with feathers, medium length earthy tone skirts, tan long sleeved shirts, brown vests with gold embroidery, gold hoop earrings, brown heeled shoes, plump, usually in her blue skin toned form unless undercover.


Aquatic Respiration: The ability to breathe in both water and air. Can stay under the water as long as they might like and can still venture out on dry land.

Divine Beauty: She doesn't really use her beauty to manipulate others to get the things that she desires. She prefers to affect their mind by emitting pheromones there by making the affected person think that she's the perfect companion and a great friend to confide in. In just a few minutes, she gets the information she needs as well as the person's full cooperation in whatever deed she needs to be done. She can emit a higher power with this ability going as far as getting people to treat her like royalty, love her and make them devoted to her and make them do anything to please her. She rarely dabbles in the higher form of this ability and only uses it when she really needs to.

Water Creation: The power to generate water. She can summon water on command when on land or in the water. She carries two whips that help her generate the water for her attacks. She can also summon bodies of water near her.

Flesh Chameleon: She can change her skin color to match the skin tones of humans on dry land. She can alternate  whenever she pleases. Only really uses this ability when she needs to be under cover to get important information.

Basic Potion Making: She dabbles in basic potion making, reading various books to gain more information on them. Makes potions that deal with truth telling, confusion, healing and love.

Hypnotic Voice: Being an Undine, she has a very hypnotic voice that entrances others towards her. There, she can decide what to do with them.


Hermedeia, Nerisella's mother was part of the community that inhabited the various bodies of water around Exitium. Being a small community, everyone knew each other and usually stuck together, rarely venturing out onto the dry lands even to trade with others. One day, Hermedeia ventured away to explore the forbidden areas of the waters and there is where she met Arikerus, an Undine that had been banished from their community many year prior.

Hermedeia and Arikerus continued meeting and eventually fell in love with each other. Their relationship continued for years until the leader of the community found out and ambushed the couple one night, killing Arikerus. Still in grieving about her lost love, she found out she was pregnant and carried the baby in secrecy for as long as she could.

Close friends of hers found out and told the leader who said she was to be banished from the community after giving birth to her child who would be raised by the communities healer. True to his word, after giving birth to Nerisella, Hermedeia was banished far from the community.  

As Nerisella grew up in her community, she was always treated differently because she was dubbed an orphan of sorts. She knew about her mother and what happened, but she always wanted to see her. Taking after her mother, Nerisella started venturing out and exploring the various waters around Exitium in search of her mother and adventure.

She periodically visits her community, but she mainly remains on the dry land and interacts with others up there. She does have her own safe haven in the water if she needs to get away for awhile. She has recently spotted the leader of her community out and about in various towns talking to the nobles, but about what she's still unsure. She goes undercover to try and figure out why he's there and what he's planning on doing.

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