The Emerald City of Uaithne

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The Emerald City of Uaithne Empty The Emerald City of Uaithne

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The Emerald City of Uaithne Emeraldcity01

The Emerald City of Uaithne TALThvC

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The Emerald City of Uaithne was known for its beautiful green architecture that towered high into the sky. Few non-faerie folk had ever seen the city due to their reclusive nature, but the folktales that surrounded its majesty did not dare do the city justice. 

Uaithne was erected hundreds of years ago through the use of half-faerie slaves. When the faerie people discovered the effects that interbreeding with other species had on their offspring, they saw the opportunity to breed a race of slaves to do their bidding.

The faerie men would often capture multiple females from another species, such as an orc, and forcibly breed these females over and over throughout the course of many years until a substantial army of half breeds had been created. These half breeds were treated as abominations, only good for doing manual labor and serving the faerie people. When the half breeds came of adult age, they would be partitioned into an army and used as pawns on the frontline to fight their wars. 

Using the half breeds as frontier warriors was incredibly effective due to their overt strength and magical abilities. In addition to their increased abilities, the majority of these halflings had usable wings to their advantage.

The faerie people had become overconfident. They felt invincible with their new half breeds. When the revolution happened, they were completely unprepared. The halflings turned, angry with their masters for the unfair treatment they had received throughout their lives. When they attacked the Emerald City, they destroyed thousands of families and homes, but did so in a clumsy manner.

The faerie people may have been unprepared, but their cunning wit prevailed in the end. They were able to set up fortresses and attack the half breeds in a protected manner, nearly wiping the entire army out. The devastation on both sides was too much, and the rebuilding it would take lasted for years.

Half breeds became fairly scarce after that, as most of them were banished from Uaithne. The few that remained vowed to stay loyal to their masters and were heavily surveilanced. A reputation was earned for them after that as one of the most barbaric and brutal species on the entire planet of Exitium. This would be a reputation that followed them for generations.
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