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Post by Arihant on Tue Jun 07, 2016 8:37 pm

Ari Sat at Malek's, down his third pint of ale, when the bartender approached him.

"Some folks are heading to Bonechill Manner, according to an Urchin who heard them speaking at the thread shope."

"and please tell my why I would care about that?" Ari scoffed.

"There was something about a well, or they were doing well. They was royal they were. Or thats what the urchin said. He said they was heading to the manor, and one of them ad' a big bunch oh gold in is' pocket. There was the royal, some alf' blood faerie, and the biggest man the boy ad' ever seen."

Ari looked up from his glass again and frowned. Well it seems they might be up to something. There seems to have been a lot of ruckus in the city involving this group of people. Ive been hearing about the giant all night, and the highborn, assuming its the same one, is buying information about old wise tales."

Ari finished his ale and left, loudly. Making sure everyone noticed him and how much money he didn't leave for the bartender. "When you project your movements, its easier to hide when you need too." he thought to himself "people in this city are so predictable. Goddamn sheep".

he Opened the door and a breeze swept across his face and chilled him. He put up his hood and mouth cover, and disappeared into the shadows of the streets. Heading towards the Thread Worker.

*Arihant Leaves this Thread for The Streets of The Galvinized City*


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