Namaarie The Half-breed.

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Namaarie The Half-breed. Empty Namaarie The Half-breed.

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Namaarie The Half-breed. Namaar10

Namaarie (No last Name)

Race: Hybrid Faerie/Wisp
Height: 6'1"
Skin Color: Golden Brown
Eye Color: Ocean Blue
Hair Color: White
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Magic Abilities
Astral Projection
Levels of astral projection:
Ethereal form: no body, no interaction
Limited Physical form: body, interaction, no powers
Full form: body, interaction, use of powers
Unlimited form: body, interaction, use of powers, able to project consciousness into the minds of others.

Healing: Cannot heal self
Levels of healing:
Heal minor wounds
Heal major wounds
Cure disease/ systematic ailment
Resurrect recently deceased (before they cross over)

Novice spell casting/ potion making.

Basic Abilities
Horse riding

Hybrid Faerie Abilities
Increased magical abilities
Physical strength

Namaarie's mother was a Wisp, a mysterious ethereal being with no body. This Wisp had an unexplained fascination with Faeries. When she encountered a recently deceased body of a woman that appeared to die from exhaustion, she restored the body and inhabited it in order to go to town and interact with people. There she met Farouk Sergius, a young socialite of nobility groomed to serve close to the king. Farouk enjoyed more than his fair share of alcohol while facing his impending marriage. Farouk also found commoners to be intriguing and a refreshing escape from the monotony of nobility. When he spotted the wisp in human form, his drunken self was completely entranced by her exotic features and complexion. After making small talk with her for a while, he asked her to come back to his estate where he could show her wonderful things. Since the wisp was not actually human, she had no interest in his advances and rejected his offer. Appalled, Farouk followed her into the woods, where he raped her before she could leave the body. After wards, the wisp decided that the body was no longer suitable for her and left the body in a preservation chamber. After months in the chamber, she noticed the abdomen begin to swell. Eventually, the Wisp decided to inhabit the body to give birth. The body she inhabits then dies from blood loss, and the Wisp brings the baby boy to his father's estate with a note. The short letter merely explained where the child came from. The only thing the Wisp asked of his father was to name him Namaarie, which was Elvin for Farewell.

He grew up at his father's estate, a man of nobility - the king's adviser. He was excluded from formal events because he was not nobility and because he was a half-breed. He is not in any family portraits, which included the father, his wife, and Namaarie's younger brother, Draegyn. Namaarie was relegated to the back of the estate, in a shed, where he tends to his garden. He first discovered his powers by "healing" flowers that had been trampled by his bullying cousins. He was able to astral project from a much younger age. While he slept, his mind would leave his body and travel the world. He always assumed it was just dreams.
One night, as he slept, his mind wandered away into the courtyard to inspect the roses which glimmered in the reflection of the moonlit fountain water. From a distance, his astral form noticed a flame. After further inspection, he found that there was, in fact, a mob coming toward the shed where he slept. Apparently they were there to kill him in his sleep. Feeling betrayed by his family, he gathered his small number of belongings, including a spell book he was writing, a flew away into the night.

Near exhaustion, he landed outside the Galvanized City, where he prepared for what he might encounter.
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